Mission Statement

Bene Skin Care strives to bring help the most people possible without the necessity of detrimental side effects from engineered solutions like chemical, steroid and others.

Our Story

My name is Bernard Lambotte and then Bene Skin Care story starts in 2001. I was diagnosed with Psoriasis that year after finding a circular blotch of irritated skin that would not go away. For the next decade I tried many different solutions from physicians and Dermatologists to quell my ever-worsening condition. Nothing seemed to work for me.

I spent year after year trying to keep my skin condition in check, but to no avail. Many of the prescribed drugs offered to me only made my skin look as though it was improving. I was constantly dealing with bad flare-ups bringing on patches during times of high stress, winter time(less sun), and many other life events.

In 2007 my father shared a research by scientists being done around a 3000 year old Chinese herbal remedy for Psoriasis. After reading the research, we decided to try to make our own version of the balm that had been described. After many years of testing, changing and perfecting our formula, a final product was derived.